The TeleDOGference

18 September 2020

During this time that we have been isolated in our homes due to the pandemic generated by Covid 19, not only humans have suffered the confinement and its psychological consequences. Our pets also have been deprived of the chance of going out to the parks and playing with other dogs or socializing in their way. Considering that in the United States alone there are more than 85 million households with pets, the problem was just getting bigger.

This is why LIQ Pets, the brand that is always looking for new ways to take care of the well-being of pets, decided to create: The TeleDOGference
The first exclusive video conference for dogs that help them socialize in the same way that humans do nowadays. A recreational space for our furry friends, with lots of fun, since their well-being and entertainment is as important as ours.

The plan was very simple and impressive. Signs with QR codes were placed in dog parks that are closed due to quarantine and, by scanning them with mobile phones, pet owners were able to get an invitation on their calendars and schedule a video conference with other dogs that usually play in that same park.

“The TeleDOGference” by LIQ Pets, is the first exclusive video conference for dogs that managed to make our pets socialize and reconnect with their furry friends.

Case Study