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Liq Founder

Since I was a little girl, I felt a deep love for animals and because of it, a desire to protect them. By sheltering them, I wanted animals to feel they have a family and to forget the feeling of abandonment human beings subject them to.

I’ve devoted my life to rescuing dogs, giving them love, care, and finding them a forever home. This is how “Enchanted Dogs” shelter was created, where today there are 56 animals and counting.

Our Story Begins

one hot summer day sunny cloud cloud

Liliana was with her husband drinking something refreshing, when she saw her dog Gala looking at her, and that's when it hit her. Dogs don't have anything to drink but water, how unfair! And that's how the idea of LIQ was created.

Our product is an innovative, tasty, fun and healthy liquid treat, but most importantly it is a way of giving them back a little bit of everything they give us, just as Liliana wanted.